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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance, also referred to as tenant insurance, refers to a group of coverage options that are designed to cover you and your belongings from damage and incident. You might not always be in a position to prevent certain occurrences such as break in's or visitor injury while at your home, but tenant insurance plays a huge role in minimizing the impact. You might have many questions regarding renters insurance, let Summit Insurance Group help you understand it.

What is covered by renters insurance?

  • Personal property - your tenant insurance cover will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your belongings as long as it does not exceed the limits of your policy.
  • Additional living expenses - it covers additional costs you incur if the home you rent is damaged and left uninhabitable. These costs include hotel bills. It, however, does not cover you if the structure of the rented building was damaged or compromised.
  • Liability protection - this means it will financially protect you if someone is injured in your home and they decide to file a lawsuit.
  • Guest medical protection - this will help in paying the medical expenses of a guest who got injured in your home.

Most people do not take renters insurance because they think that their landlord's insurance policy covers them. What they do not realize is that landlord insurance covers the actual building and not your personal belongings. Others think that because they do not own much, they do not have to have insurance coverage. However, the cost of replacing items such as electronics, furniture, and clothing can be quite high. Renters insurance helps protect your belongings against the unexpected.

While tenant insurance will cover against most perils such as windstorm, lightning, and explosions, there are others that it will not cover. It does not cover neglect of property, intentional destruction of property, and nuclear hazard among others.

If you need more information on a policy, visit Summit Insurance Group in Washington and speak with an agent.

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